Generating Demand for Your App Synopsis

The market as we know it is getting smaller due to product saturation. For any app to succeed, you have to market it. That means getting it in front of users to try it and purchase it. With billions of apps in the market, getting it noticed is becoming harder and costlier.


How to Create Demand

To generate demand for your app, the use of social media, publication companies and advertising is a must have. Some will be costly while others are free. Whether cost or no cost, it is important to get exposure for your app. Without exposure and public awareness of your app, failure is imminent.


The use of Facebook is a good way of generating demand for your app. They have a captured audience of more than 500 million registered users which is a good market for any product or business. You can also advertise on Facebook. There are many different advertising formats on Facebook, including photo, video and carousel formats. You are also able to micro target your desired user demographics, such as young men, aged between 18 to 25 years old, who are interested in mobile gaming and sports.

You can also have your own Facebook account with a link from your advertisement banner to this account. That means anyone clicking on this link will be directed to your Facebook account. The important part here is the design of your banner which must sell an app that is unique with a beautiful icon. There are many banner ads shown. To make users click on them, they have to be interesting, beneficial or ignite the curiosity of users.


You can also use search engines to help advertise your app for you. There are many search directories that you can submit your ads with. Most are free with no payment required. It is also good to submit your website link to Google, Bing and other search engines. You should do this on a weekly basis or even more frequent if possible. As millions of users conduct searches on them daily, they can create a huge demand for the app if it is unique and interesting.

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