Implement the Free Marketing Model for Your App

The marketing of apps is no more different than any other product. These days, when any new product is launched, the common marketing strategy is to get customers to try out the product. Most users are creatures of habit and familiarity. The mere-exposure effect states that people prefer things that they are familiar with. So, they usually stick to a particular brand even though there are another 12 different brands on the shelf. They have used it and know what it does and are used to it.

The marketing of a new app is the same. There are dozens of apps with similar features on the market. So, trying to get users to try them is a challenge, let alone buy them. The way to encourage trial is adopt the free Marketing model.


Create a Lite and Full Version

A lite version is one that is given for free either with limited features and/or a limited trial period.

An app with a free trial will stand a better chance of being sold than one that does not have a free trial. A free trial is also good because it benefits both the user and the app owner. The user gets to use the app without fear or failure while the owner of the app has made half a sale. While the user is using the app, he will find that there are certain limitations to this lite version. If he likes the app and its features then he would probably proceed to buy the full version.

After using the free trial, the user will be familiar with the app and know whether the app suits them. Without a free trial, users are in a state of hesitation about the unknown and are unlikely to purchase the app due to uncertainty avoidance.

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