Selling Your Apps in Different Device Marketplaces

To sell your app, you need to define which OS it was developed to integrate with. There are several OS platforms in the market. There are iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Once you have decided which platform to integrate your app with, you can only sell your app in the same platform that your app was programmed for.

Let us take a look at the Windows market, assuming that your app was programmed for this platform.

Once your app is completed, you can now sell it on Windows Phone Marketplace which deals in Windows phone apps. This marketplace handles all the billings and payments for you.


There are procedures which must be carried out before selling in the marketplace. These series of action are:


1. Register as a Windows Phone Developer

Register your app at App Hub. This is also the place for distribution and updating of your app.


2. Develop and Test Your App

Use Windows Phone Software Developer Kit (SDK) to build your app. Design and prepare your app icon. You can download the SDK from Windows at


3. Assemble the Prerequisites for Certification

Upload your app to the marketplace in a .XAP file extension. This is an executable file that you can upload through your windows phone developer account at this link:


4. Submit Your App for Certification

After uploading you need to certify your app. For submission, you can choose automatic publishing which publishes your app after certification. Your certification details are available on MSDN.


5. Link to Your App

Once your app is published, it appears on Windows Phone Marketplace Catalogue. Your app is ready for download and purchase. You can promote the link of your app immediately.


6. Updating Your App

To update the version of your app, you need to update the users and also add your updated version in your membership account in Windows Phone Marketplace.


7. Support

You can find support in App Hub in the form of community forums.

A similar process of registration, developing, certification, publishing and updating your app applies for another OS.

To start off for Android, download Android Studio at

To start off for iOS, download Xcode at

Now that you know the procedure, get started and get your app published and running on your chosen OS marketplace today!

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