Synching Your App with Social Platforms

The Web has changed the way people communicate on a daily basis. There are now more ways than ever to build connections, stay in contact and communicate with each other. One such way is through mobile social apps.


According to Statista, the global mobile social penetration rate as of January 2017 is 34%. That is over one-third of the world’s population. With the huge influence that social apps have on communication, it is crucial for you to integrate with and promote your app on these social platforms.


Social Apps


There are many mobile social apps available that are free. The following are some of the popular ones on the web.


1. Facebook

Among all social apps, Facebook emerges as the top with the largest number of connected users around the world. Facebook allows you to post content, photos, videos, comment, like and interact with other users in different ways. It also allows you to create your own page for your app, as well as to advertise on it. So, Facebook is the go-to social app for you to promote your app and engage with your users.


2. Twitter

Twitter is all about real time reporting or commenting. People tweet on the spot, what is happening and when it’s happening. Twitter is the #1 microblogging service app you can have on your phone. Share and discover what’s happening right now, as it happens, in world events, private events, or unusual events. You can also advertise and tweet about your app through short posts.


3. Skype

You can stay in contact with anyone who is on Skype on their mobile, computer or tablet. Skype is an instant messaging app that supports voice call, video call and video conferencing function. Therefore, it is a popular app of choice for people to stay in touch and hold online meetings. You can use Skype to stay in contact with your friends, family and colleagues, and use it for meetings with app developers and relevant business partners.


4. Fring

This app is similar to Skype with the exception that you can make calls from one Fring user to another Fring user for free through the web.


5. MySpace

This started out as a space for bands and their fans to communicate and has grown to make room for everyone. You can promote your app, meet people, or express yourself in any way you choose. MySpace is easy to use, and even easier when it’s on your phone.


6. WhatsApp

This app is a free texting service from mobile to mobile using the web. So that means that there are no charges incurred for the texts. You can text anyone who has WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

By using these social apps, you can stay connected with your friends, family, colleagues, and users. You can promote your app on them, as well as integrate your app by allowing a share function in your app unto these social platforms. Download and explore these apps today!

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