Announce Your App Through Press Release

When you are confident that your app is ready to be launched, the best way of getting attention for your app is through a press release. Most people associate the press with some new technology, invention or discovery. The press gives credence to any new subject matter and this kind of assistance is hard to find. The market through the press is also huge with links to various supporting associations and institutions.


Get Attention

Many new discoveries and technologies have found financial support and investment after their press releases. Major corporations and investors keep a keen eye on press releases to check on whether there are new business opportunities or new technologies that they could invest in. The same can be said for venture capitalists who constantly seek new business opportunities that have huge potential.

Press releases also generate a quick demand if an app is interesting and unique. The exposure to the public is immediate unlike advertising which has a longer return time on investment. Most advertising campaigns have a lifespan of about 6 months. That means that the response to the advertisement from the public will be effective within those months.

Take the iPad for instance. When the public knew the launching of the iPad was imminent, Apple stores was inundated with orders and the first batch was sold out before they reached the stores. The iPad was the first of its kind and generated a lot of public interest and awareness. Even though it had some negative aspects about it, sales for this product sky-rocketed. Like Microsoft, Apple has the resources to overcome product glitches and shortcomings, which we are now seeing with the iPad 2. The iPad 2 features some new functionalities. This new app is an enhancement over the old iPad model, and hence the press can be engaged to report on its release.

For tips on how to engage the press, you can get started with this article:

Do your research to find out which journalists are reporting on your app industry, and make sure that what you offer is novel and beneficial for users of your app.

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