Direct Marketing Strategies for Your App Launch


There are numerous ways to launch your app. Some can be costly and some are free. Below you will find several methods using direct marketing to launch your app.


Direct Marketing

Useful ways to direct market:


1. Use App Review Sites

These are sites that frequently review new apps in the market. You can submit your app for the editorial staff to review and rate. This will increase the visibility of your app and increase its credence to app users.


2. Good Public Relations

Establishing good public relations with columnists, radio hosts and TV producers. Reply to user inquiries and update regularly about your app.


3. Promote Within Other Apps

Try and advertise in new exciting apps. However, do not advertise in competitor apps, as it can backfire and generate negative PR.


4. Install AddThis

The AddThis button will add traffic and page rank to your app.


5. Engage Advertising Companies

Have advertisements placed in target areas that reflect your own target definition in terms of age, lifestyle, profession etc.


6. Q & A

Participate in targeted app Q & A sessions. Provide links to learn more about you and your app and give feedback.


7. Email

Use email as direct marketing to friends and associates first. Adhere to spam policies on email marketing. You can get the email list from


8. Pricing strategy

Learn from Peggle. Learn how they gained top spot by dropping their price for a promotion period.


9. Walk Through Presentation

Use this type of presentation with screenshots of your app and a description of the features and benefits.


10. Tell a Friend

Use this feature in your app to get personal contact details.


11. Twitter

Use a Twitter update feature in your app for users to tweet about your app.


12. Exclusive Content

This content about your app is exclusive within your app and not found anywhere else.


13. Collaborate

Find businesses who are not competitors but have related products.

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