Pricing Your App The Right Way

If your app has a unique feature to perform a distinct function not found in the market then it would be safe to say that you have a saleable product. For example, Norton antivirus sells their product online. This app has a function to assist users threatened by possible virus attacks. Users will buy if they think that it will save them money by way of safe-guarding their computers and laptops.


Trial Periods and Free Downloads Make Sales


On the other hand, there are also many other antivirus products in the market. So, Norton’s antivirus has to either sell at a lower price point or have additional features not found on other competitor’s products. Bear in mind, there are antivirus programs that are free on the internet too. You have to make a choice after studying these products to see which one is best suited for your own use.

The free apps come with a trial period or are simply just free downloads.

The ones with free trial period give the user a chance to test the product. By testing the product, they will be convinced of its usefulness. This trial period is a good marketing tool as most users do not want to change after trying out the product unless they think that it does not satisfy their requirements.

With free downloads, the apps are usually basic in nature and performs basic functions. These free downloads usually come with upgrades that have many additional features. These upgrades come with a price. If users feel that the additional features will further enhance their experience, they will buy it. This method of marketing is recommended as most users will want to try out the app before deciding to either stay with the basic or buy the upgrade.

When you get a user to try your product, you have achieved half the sale. Even if they do not buy, they may continue to use it or tell their friends about it. Hence, your app gains popularity and more registered users. This increase in user base makes your app more beneficial for advertisement, and you can offer promotions to convert registered users to paying customers.

When it comes to pricing for the full or upgraded version. It is good to offer at least 3 purchase options to your users. For the full version, you can offer 3 options by allowing users to purchase your app on a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription basis. Users may be enticed to purchase the yearly subscription due to the compromise effect, or the lifetime subscription due to the trade-off contrast effect. The same can be applied to users considering upgrades for their app. The upgrades can come in silver, gold and platinum editions, or as a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription.

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