Our mobile app software has all the features that businesses love.

Push notifications

Unlimited push notifications allows you to send exclusive messages directly to your customers’ phones – they’ll never miss out on an event, special, or sale again.

Target customers based on their location or proximity to your business using our geo-fencing feature.

Loyalty programs

Over are the days of your customers digging through their wallets, attempting to find that worn out stamp-card that they lost months ago.

Reward your repeat customers by typing a customizable loyalty program code directly into their phone, adding “points” to their virtual loyalty card.

Mobile shopping cart

Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with your app.

Customize item photos and descriptions.

Accept payments in-app, and set delivery fees and tax rates.

Appointments & reservations

Book a reservation at your favorite restaurant using OpenTable. Schedule a haircut at your local salon. Book a massage for your weekend getaway at the spa.

Whatever your appointment scheduling need, we’ll help you get more business on the books.

Food Ordering

Place ordering power in your customers’ hands with our native food ordering feature. Manage updates to menu items, pricing, availability, and delivery options easily online.

Accept payment in-app – give your staff more time to focus on delivering great food and service, while spending less time processing payments.

Image Gallery

Showing off is easy with the beautiful Gallery feature. Integrate your Flickr, Instagram, or Picasa albums, or create an exclusive in-app gallery.

Select from multiple display options

Add custom captions

Segment albums

Video Integration

No more double-posting. The hassle-free YouTube feature syncs your videos automatically, so your users can see the latest without leaving the app.

Integrate your channel seamlessly Watch in landscape view

Property Listings

An app redefines how you show your listings. Import property info and attract new buyers. They’ll be saying “keys, please” before you answer the door.

Custom Email Forms

The adaptable Email Form helps you gather exactly what you need from users, with custom fields and reworkable content.

One-Click Contact

Make “at the click of a button” a reality with our one-touch contact features, and sync up cross-platform content seamlessly.

Create Information Pages Easily

The multi-functional Info feature lets you present whatever content in whatever way you would like.

Points of Interests

Not to POINT out the obvious, but POIs are essential in keeping people around the neighborhood.

With a convenient map view of top locations around you, your customers will never stray too far.

Event Listings

With turn-by-turn directions, in-app RSVPs, and comment capabilities, your event turnouts will be hitting all-time highs.

Robust Analytics

Our all-in-one analytics system take the guesswork out of app creation. Find out what’s a hit and what’s a miss with the tab view breakdown, or delve into demographics with user info that’s always at your fingertips.

You’ll know who and what to target for the ultimate opportunity for return on investment.

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